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A vehicle mileage tracking app for Android!

MileageLog - mileage tracking app for AndroidMileageLog is a vehicle mileage tracking application for Android devices with GPS hardware (these are primarily Android phones, like the Samsung Moment to the right). This program makes it easy to track your vehicle mileage for business or tax purposes by using GPS hardware, and minimizing the amount of user input needed.

Just press a button when you start a trip, then press another when you stop. From here, you could add some notes (optional, but your accountant might want to know the purpose of the trip) and press save. No more entering odometer readings! The program has been carefully designed to minimize the amount of typing by the user.

The application uses the GPS system to calculate the distance traveled. Considerable care has been given to minimizing GPS errors for accurate and easy to use results. A record of this trip containing the date, starting location, ending location, an optional purpose of the trip, and distance (in mileage or kilometers) is then written to a log file.

This log file contains a collection of your trip records. Connect your phone to your computer (or if you have the applications, email, ftp, or otherwise), transfer this log file to your computer. This log file can then be imported into a spreadsheet and emailed to your accountant (or printed). Or if you have a spreadsheet program on your Android phone, import the log file into that spreadsheet.

The installation package is about 600kB. The data files are usually just a few kB, but will depend on usage. So this application should run on even the smallest Android phones (please see our System Requirements page for details)..

Users can get support by mailing MileageLog support.

MileageLog can be purchased and downloaded at Android Market for $1.99 (US).

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