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BS Bingo by

A bingo game using phrases for Android!

BSBingo by splash screenDying of boredom in a meeting full of tedious jargon? BS Bingo just might help you survive with a smile.

BS Bingo is a bingo game played using phrases or buzz words instead of letters and numbers. Play it while listening to a presentation, a conference call, a business meeting, a college class, or a even a TV show. When the speaker says one of the phrases on your card, press the button for that phrase. When you get a row, declare BULLSHIT!

BS Bingo is a hilarious game for Android based devices (primarily intended for phones). It can be played by a single player, or using Bluetooth with multiple players. You can add your own phrases and phrase categories. You can even turn off the sound effects if you don't want others to know what you're doing.

See our System Requirements page for details about hardware and software minimums.

BS Bingo can be purchaced and downloaded at Android Market for $1.99 (US).

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