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Internet Services - E-mail Overview

E-mail has become the most important service on the Internet. We use multiple UNIX based e-mail servers which provide the maximum uptime and stability. These servers are configured to act as a backup to one another, providing a robust and fault tolerant e-mail service, assuring there is no loss of mail.

Viruses and spam have been the biggest problems with Internet e-mail. We use UNIX based mail servers, which are not vulnerable to the viruses that cause so many problems with insecure Microsoft based systems. While there is no perfect solution to spam, our multi-faceted, state of the art, spam filtering service has shown to be 98% effective in identifying spam. Our system identifies and marks the spam messages in a way that allows the user to decide what to do with the message (like automatically throwing away the message, or moving it to different folder to review later).

Current and potential customers should make sure they understand our acceptable use policy (no bulk e-mail/spamming).

We have two flavors of email service, our Standard email service (which is included in many of our other services), and our Web based email service, featuring secure, web browser based e-mail service (secure access from anywhere you have a web browser). Both services include our mail filtering service.

Our anti spam, mail filtering service can be used by domain owners, without having to make changes to your mail server! We can apply our mail filtering service for entire domains, and at very reasonable rates, servicing from a few to thousands of mailboxes.

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