Internet Services - Spam Filtering Overview

While e-mail has become the most important service on the Internet, spam is threatening to kill e-mail's effectiveness. Unfortunately, it is too common that users receive as many spam messages as real messages. And if you've ever tried to fight this problem, you know that the spammers are using more and more tricky ways to do their dirty work, making the fight against spam a never ending battle. You can now outsource this battle. We offer a spam filtering service to handle the spam problem, returning productivity to your e-mail system.

Our strategy is to measure the spamminess of an email message, tag the e-mail messages that are above a user definable spam tollerence, then take action based on each user's preferences. This action could be to not deliver the message above a certain rating, or tag the message and deliver it, or both. Tagging the message in this way enables the user to choose what to do with the spam message (like automatically deleting the message, or filing the message in a different folder for later viewing).

Not everybody agrees about what spam is, so while our e-mail filtering service has reasonable default settings, it allows end users to set their own filtering preferences through an easy to use secure web interface. The user can set whitelists, blacklists, spam rating threshold, spam tagging options, and a delete message threshold. We also have a web based interface for domain administrators to control user accounts.

Our e-mail filtering service takes incomming e-mail and sends it through a series of filters to determine e-mail's spam rating. This process usually adds about 2 seconds per message to the normal message delivery time, and is over 98% effective in identifing spam. Our filter rules and spam database is managed and adjusted continually to maintain top effectiveness.

As mentioned in our architecture pages, NetIn.com maintains multiple high speed connections to the Internet through separate providers. We have multiple servers with backups, power redundancy, etc. To make a long story short, we provide a secure, reliable, high performance service to assure that your e-mail delivery is not interrupted by a fault in our service.

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