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Domain name registration services - Register your domain name through our service (we use Network Solutions as a registrar). Please check back, these services will be online soon.

DNS name hosting (primary and/or secondary) - We can provide a primary and/or secondary DNS name server for our customers. There is no recurring charge for this service. There are charges for modifications to DNS information to cover our time to make these changes.

Secondary email server for connectivity customers - A secondary mail server provides a backup to your mail server. This is to assure there is no loss of email in the event of a mail server problem (for example, this allows you to perform software updates to your mail server without losing email).

Web Anonimizing Proxy Server for our connectivity customers - is a no charge service that prevents over zealous marketers from stealing your email address (and then sending you spam) when you visit their web site. This also improves the performance of some slow web sites by caching their pages on our server.


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