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Securemail: Our web based email service

We call our web browser based email system, Securemail. The Securemail service is available to anyone who has access to a web browser and the Internet (ie: a connectivity account with NetIn.com is not required to use this service). Securemail features include:

  • Web browser based (Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, even IE)
  • Keep your email on the server (so you have access to your email, regardless of what computer you're using), or move your email to your computer
  • create your own directories for organization
  • SSL security (perfect for Lawyers and Doctors)
  • standards based IMAP and IMP support
  • 10 MegaBytes of storage
  • address book/contact manager
  • calendar system
  • task lists manager
  • memo management system (like PDA Notes)
  • 2.5MB size limit per e-mail
  • spam filtering
  • have these important office applications available to you anywhere you have web browser access
  • PDA's with web browsers are a mobile office
  • no more sync'ing your PDA - keep the info on the server
  • have the same info at your office, home, or mobile

$60 per year

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