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Connectivity - T1 Internet Services Using Frame Relay

Frame Relay is a technology that was designed to get better utilization of a circuit in certain situations. It accomplishes this by enabling a single circuit to carry different types of traffic

One of the most common ways that Frame Relay is used to carry Internet traffic is to allow several customers to share a single circuit. This should enable the cost of that circuit to be split between the users. Each user's portion of the overall circuit is called a Private Virtual Circuit (PVC), or a Switched Virtual Circuit (SVC).

This enables the user to have some amount of capacity dedicated to them, while sharing the rest of the capacity of the circuit. This means that if somebody is not using their share, then you might be able to use their part. The amount of capacity that is dedicated to the user is called the Committed Information Rate (or CIR). The capacity available beyond the CIR is called the burst rate.

A T1 circuit consists of 2 components for recurring charges:

  • local loop
  • Internet port

The local loop is a telco supplied wire that is the T1. The Internet port is the connection of that wire to the Internet. When pricing T1 based services, it is important to understand what is included in the pricing and what is not (so you can compare "apples to apples").

For a Frame Relay circuit, the telco supplies the T1, and supplies the Internet port. The prices we listing in this page are ballpark prices based on averages. Our prices include only our setup and Internet port charges. The cost of the T1 local loop will come from the local telephone company.

Frame Relay Connection Port - 256k BR/128k CIR
  Setup Charge Monthly Charge
Month to month $100 $250
3 yr contract $100 $225
5 yr contract $100 $215

Frame Relay Connection Port - 384k BR/192k CIR
  Setup Charge Monthly Charge
Month to month $100 $350
3 yr contract $100 $325
5 yr contract $100 $315

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