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VoIP and IP PBX Services

Voice over Intenet Protocol, known as VoIP, is a service that uses your Internet connection to carry voice telephone calls. The VoIP service is like the traditional telephone service in most ways (i.e.: you can make calls to people with conventional phones, you can use a conventional telephone handset to place and receive your calls, etc.). Our VoIP system provides these services for a good bit less that what the local telephone companies (Verizon and SBC) charge. We can also setup these services more quickly and competently than Verizon or SBC.

A PBX is like a smart, super sized, answering machine. PBX's implement services like voice mail, auto attendants, extensions, hunt groups, call queues, call forwarding, and more. You can use as many or as few of these services as you like. An IP PBX is a PBX for VoIP based services.

An IP PBX is just a very reliable computer running special software to implement the PBX features. Some companies prefer to have their own PBX (having their voicemail, etc., on their own equipment), while other companies choose to have their PBX hosted (owned, physically located, and run by another company). can setup and run IP PBX's hosted on your equipment at your location, and we offer hosted solutions on our own equipment.

As the carrier for VoIP services is the Internet, your Internet connection must be of sufficient size and quality to support VoIP services. Currently, only sells VoIP services to our connectivity customers, and can help you size your Internet connection appropriately.


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