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VoIP Pricing

Product Cost Install Description
Business VoIP line $30.00/mo N/A This is a line presence. You will need one of these for each simultaneous call you want to handle.
DID number $4.00/mo $10.00 It is NOT required to have a number on every line presence.
Toll Free number $20.00/mo/line presence $20.00 This is for others to call you without incurring long distance charges.
E911 service $3.00/mo $10.00 911 service for VoIP lines.
Local Number Portability $4.00/mo $30.00 Ported numbers are just like DID's, except they have an additional install cost to transfer the number.
Setup Customer IP PBX N/A $500.00 This is the cost for installing software on the customer's hardware. It does include standard configuration, but not custom programming.
Custom Dial Plan programming $145.00/hr N/A This is a per hour charge for custom dial plan programming.
Customer equipment maintenance $145.00/hr N/A This is a per hour charge for performing maintenance.


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