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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: What separates NetIn.com from the other hosting services?

The biggest difference is that we actually care about our customers. We are successful if our customers are successful. This means we're not interested in selling a bunch of stuff you don't need. We are interested in supplying the services you need in a reliable, yet cost effective way.

Q: What are the normal services someone needs when they want to have their site hosted?

That is actually a very hard question, as not everybody needs the same things. Certainly, you need your own domain name. You need to have that domain name information hosted. Your web site probably needs certain tools (like a secure web server, or a database, or a cgi programming language like PHP or Java). You may also need email services, or connectivity services, or you may have another ISP that provides those services for you.

Q: Do I have to have a domain name already registered to use NetIn.com's hosting services?

We do recommend that you have your own domain name, but we can help you register the domain name, if you have not already done so.

Q: Does NetIn.com have DNS services for my web site?

Yes - We can be your primary name server, your secondary name server, both, or neither. We are very flexible!

Q: Is there an extra charge for NetIn.com to supply DNS services?

Yes, and no. The charges for setting up a new site include configuring DNS. If you have DNS changes after the site is running, there may be charges for making changes, depending on how substantial the changes are.


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